Mirage Group invites you to Aurich Open Days at Copi`s

Mirage Group presents the textile manufacturers AURICH, who implement a joint project with HP. In the dynamically growing textile business in the sector of digital printing, such a cooperation is increasingly sought - another solution that Mirage can provide.

Luxury writing tools from Pen Shop

For the fourth consecutive year, Pen Shop will take part in the annual exhibition COPI'S. The company has been operating since 2009 and is the founder of the first Bulgarian site for luxury writing utensils - www.penshop.bg . Over the years, the company has established its name as one of the leaders in the sale of luxury writing utensils and premium accessories and has built a network of loyal customers.

CENTRUM REKLAMY would like to present is Bending Exclusive Line V2 automatic bending machine

The product CENTRUM REKLAMY would like to present is Bending Exclusive Line V2 automatic bending machine for the production of block letters. It is designed for bending aluminum and stainless steel strips. This device enables quick and precise execution of spatial components. It is characterized by high work efficiency which saves time and thus increases the number of orders.

Keychain holder 5 in 1

The hit of the season by BADGE 4 U – a keychain holder 5 in 1! It will always protect you from trouble, increasing your daily comfort. The keychain holder has a "shopping cart coin" feature. In addition, opening a bottle will no longer be a problem for you, and the newest feature of the device allows the bottle's neck to be cover again, protecting the liquid from spill. 

Customized promotional gifts from BY SURPRISE advertising agency

BY SURPRISE advertising agency, which elaborates customized promotional gifts, will be among the participants in the sixth edition of the exhibition for print and advertising communications in Bulgaria - COPI'S - Communication art print image sign, which will be held from 2 to 4 October at Inter Expo Center. 

Mirage presents Swiss precision of Zünd cutting systems

The new Zünd RM-L router system has been awarded by the EDP 2017 European Digital Printing Association. With its up to 3.6kW of power, the router system sets new performance standards even when processing hard and thick materials such as acrylic and wood.

Delis Ltd. with blank badges

Delis Ltd. decided to present at COPI'S, its latest service - the production of blank badges. Delis Ltd. is an importer of machines, materials, tools and accessories for engraving since 2003.