Bulgaria Reduta, 16, Ostrec Str. 1505 Sofia
B 12

We have our own printing facility for

- offset and digital printing

- screen and pad printingdirect digital printing

- transfer and sublimation printing

- engraving

and offer the following finishing services

- folding

- sewing, gluing

- spiral binding, backing

Besides the closed cycle of operation that includes the entire production process of the printed product, we are one of the largest manufacturers of wall and desktop calendars and notebooks.

Deja Advertising Agency is a direct importer of promotional souvenirs (mainstream and luxury) from the European Union, China, India, Turkey and other countries.

We design and manufacture printing products and the main product groups include promotional materials (brochures, catalogs, posters, stickers, labels, etc.)., company materials (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.), calendars, notebooks and more.

The optimized machine park is a prerequisite for making the materials achieving best value for money.

Representative of:

- Paul Stricker
- Anda Present
- Reda
- Mid Ocean Brands
- Giving Europe
- DreamPen


+359 2 807 9140 (40-58)
+359 2 807 9159