Bulgaria ul.Kozludzha 1, Veliko Tarnovo
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During the exhibition the company will present the latest products :

ULTRASHOPPER  - New original reusable product, fully machined, extremely large bottom size - from 8 to 25 cm.
ULTRASHOPER bags can be made from non-woven polypropylene, with or without laminate or laminated polypropylene fabric by ultrasonic sewing.

MULTISHOPPER  - Innovative type of reusable handbags made entirely by machine, very sturdy (withstand up to 80kg of static load) and low price at over 5000 copies.

PaperJohn - Attractive wounds that leave your hands free while strolling with their contents. Ordinary paper can do things that you do not suspect!
PaperJohn is an innovative product developed by the German OGATA UG start up. They are made of rugged recyclable paper and can be used repeatedly. This product was awarded a Gold Medal of the German Design Award 2018.

COURIER BAG - These envelopes are used to reliably store important documents and shipments during transport.


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