Effective advertising and corporate identity building with M-Press

Choosing the right materials and products is key to effective advertising and building corporate identity. With an approach consistent with the present day dynamics, M-Press will offer a variety of products at this year's COPIS Expo, which will be held from 2-4 October.

The company offers production of advertising and production leaflets with up to 6 parallel folds and sheet thickness up to 220 g/m2. This type of product is used as installation instructions or user manuals, requiring the fitting of as much information as possible in the smallest format. Advertising leaflets are used to achieve a more satisfying marketing effect by resorting to special folding methods. Thanks to the larger number of folds, the company achieves smaller product formats.

The right calendar

In order to achieve a distinctive corporate identity, M-Press produces full colour multi-sheet spiral calendars with customised design up to 50/70 cm in form. The client has freedom in choosing the material to be used, the shape and the design layout. Thanks to this, the calendar corresponds to the company's style, presenting it in the best way to clients and partners.

All of the products of M-Press can be found in Hall 3, Stand B3.