HD-02 HYBRID 160 - the bending machine for 3d letters

Automatic Letter Bender will present HD-02 HYBRID 160 - the bending machine for 3d letters.

The automatic bending machine with the double-sided system of cutting intended to flat aluminium tapes and stainless steel tapes of a thickness 0,3-1,0 mm i max. width 160 mm. HD-02 HYBRID 160 bends the iron and galvanised tapes too. It's ideal for profiles - DFT, TGP, RCP.

2 types of bending heads allows a process of bending. 2 cutting systems works with different materials. The bending machine is equipped with a modern control board, the modular rolls change, the servo drives, the table for tapes with the electrically adjustable height. Minimal bending radious is 5 mm. The speed of bending: 5 m/1 min.

HD-02 HYBRID 160 - the ideal solution for companies which look for a compromise beetween a good quality of bending and cutting systems and a affordable price.

More information about the company products you will learn at 3 Hall, Stand Number: B11.