For the first time -Tie Free- shoelaces that never come untied  


For the first time in Bulgaria, for the first time in the world - elastic, retro-reflective, they are walking along with you and never come untied.

World invention since 2017 under the patented design by the world-famous designer Martynas Kazimierenas, they have already will entered Bulgarian market. They will be presented at COPIS from Blue Advertising.

Outside, in a disco club, concert, or on a bicycle, these shoelaces will spark mysteriously, indicating it is YOU there!

Your shoes need new shoelaces that never come untied! Yes, there is a new invention by Martinas – elastic Tie Free shoelaces, in discreet dark colors and in bright colors! They are great for sports, formal shoes, they allow you to take off and on your shoes without having them untied. This allows the sole to spring, and makes them a necessary complement to the sports sneakers. Excellent for children as well as for elderly people. And, of course, for night time emotions - because one of the models comes with a retro-reflective effect.

Designer buttons in two sizes and silver or bright colors! Retro-reflective, bold, excellent addition to everyday jackets, coats and vests, and great for kids, students and pupils! With them, you can mysteriously flash in the dark, on the street, at a concert, or in a night club because they reflect every spot-light.

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