Absolute innovations for a new style in your home and office  


The world-famous designer Martynas Kazimierenas, whose products will be offered by March Design Studio will surprise us with a completely new style.

These are yet another exceptional  world class  proposals, presented from Blue Advertising at COPIS.

The March cover made of special fabric is the other incredible product. It combines the feeling of wrinkled paper - it reminds the windbreaker jacket from the recent past - it is lightweight  and the best part  - it is non-iron. It remains in light, barely noticeable folds, creating charm and casual feeling at the table. After washing it dries in minutes, and is ready for new use. We found that the largest size is an excellent cover for sofas, and creates a creative atmosphere, A la Christo. The other way you can use it is like a curtain - because softness and natural folds perfectly complement any contemporary interior.

The new fir tree - the tree that the designer invented, with a slight movement sticks to your wall. In the office, in the living room or in the nursery room. Excellent for window or office party decorations. The best thing is that you can easily peel it off and put it elsewhere. And after the holidays - use it again for the next year, then put it in the special tube. The set includes a large and a small tree. And it’s the end of bad karma because of cut trees.

The badges in endless color variety are also not like the ordinary ones - you can reflect light and create a fashion accent in clothing, available in two sizes.

The Genius Spoon - a specially crafted wooden spoon, on which there are placed manually herbs, covered with glucose syrup with golden powder. Three in one - you get the tea, the sweetener and also the wooden spoon. Placed in the glass in warm water, the mixture slowly dissolves, which contributes to the longer aroma and beauty of herbal dances. A real delight.

Magic Mirror - For the first time, a mirror that can stick metal objects! For each home, placed next to the door for the keys or in the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom. Excellent for storing metal objects in a clean and stylish design. You will no longer look for scissors, keys or your favorite knife.

The handmade MAXI lollipops from natural products are truly enormous. Signal colors, unusual shapes, it is no accident that they are the customers’ choice  in many galleries and museums of modern art in Europe. Like the other March Design Studio patented design products, you will be able to get out of the context of everyday life and get the feeling of touching true modern art.

It is invaluable to enjoy the designer products that help us in the art of living.

We hope COPIS helps you get out of the monotony of everyday life and find something worthwhile for yourself. Visitors will not only see these unique offers but will also be able to buy them on the spot. You will learn more about online ordering opportunities on the social networks and in the COPIS catalog.

Hall 2, Stand C10